Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Dennis Borba matador de toros

Bullfighting School

The teacher at the Dennis Borba Bullfighting School Learn the art of toreo from matador de toros (bullfighter) Dennis Borba. Located in the Californian Central Valley, the school offers the student an opportunity to learn from an experienced teacher in a professional atmosphere. All levels of experience welcome, from beginners to novilleros.

Throughout the season, Matador Dennis Borba hosts several workshops for afficionados practicos. Courses are usually held on weekends, from Friday to Sunday. These courses offer a unique opportunity to learn the rudiments of tauromaquia from an active American matador. Classes are taught in English, Spanish and Portugese. Intended for experienced practicos, beginners or anybody wanting to become a professional torero.

Dennis Borba Bullfighting School

Classes consist of training de salon. Students work with the capote and the muleta, learning to execute the basic lances and pases, essential to toreo. The principles of bregar and terrains are studied in a suitable setting. Each course includes a professional tienta, with vacas limpias, where students have the chance to put into practice what they have learned at the school, in a safe and professional atmosphere.

Students at Dennis Borba Bullfighting School

The workshops also provide a unique opportunity to experience the day-to-day running of a ganaderia and to tour the fields to observe the toros de lidia bred there.

Ganaderia and training at Bullfighting School

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Training toreo de salon at Bullfighting school
Tientas at Bullfighting School
Tours of ganaderia, relaxing at bullfighting school
Training de salon, learning to execute the basic lances and passes essential to toreo, with capote and muleta.
Photographs from the tientas, where students get the opportunity to give passes to vacas in a safe and professional atmosphere.
Other aspects of the courses. Touring the fields to see the toros bravos at close quarters and relaxing after training.
Tientas workshops at 2006 bullfighting school
Tientas workshops at 2007 bullfighting school
Tientas workshops at 2008 bullfighting school
2006 Workshops
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2008 Workshops
Tientas workshops at 2006 bullfighting school
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Cronicas by Aficionados


Guillermo Cabrera student at bullfighting schoolI started attending matador Borba's workshops back in 2003 when I was offered a summer job in a company in Silicon Valley. Since then, I've attended close to a dozen workshops and have had a great time. Matador Borba has thought me the key details in technique that have made me feel more comfortable when in front of an animal, he is a great instructor and the atmosphere with his family, the other aficionados and ganaderos make it a great experience, and a great escapade from work and school.- Guillermo Cabrera, computer science graduate student

The workshops are taught in a relaxed atmosphere that makes them really fun, yet there is a degree of discipline that makes you feel safe at all times, matador Borba is a consummate professional and an excellent instructor.

It is a valuable experience for anyone who wants to learn more about toreo. And I know I am looking forward to the next workshop I can attend.

I wish to thank you once again for all of your hard work and effort on our behalf. I enjoyed our program thoroughly, and I very much appreciate your patience. It was great of you to allow me to participate. I am not among the ranks of the practicos, but I love the opportunity to learn. I would be pleased to take part in another of your programs in the future.

Dennis Borba Bullfighting school