Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Dennis Borba in Peru and Costa Rica

Peru and Costa Rica

Dennis' colleague Michel Lagravere was so impressed with his performance as a rejoneador (horse bullfighter) in Arkansas City, Kansas, that he contacted a Peruvian promoter, who arranged Dennis' double presentation as matador (bullfighter) and rejoneador in three corridas in the Feria de Ticapampa, Peru, on October 9, 13 and 14, 2000.

In his first corrida he fought on horseback, and in the other two as a matador. He was sharing the cartels with Spaniard Jose Carlos Lima, the Frenchmen Michel Lagravere and "Morenito de Nimes". Dennis and Jose Carlos were awarded "Escapulario de Plata" trophies, since they obtained one ear in each corrida in which they appeared.

From Peru Dennis Borba traveled to San Jose, Costa, Rica, in Central America, to perform in four corridas (bullfights) in the town of Zapote. His contract called for appearing in three corridas as rejoneador and in one as a matador. Since he had to perform using horses of the local bull breeding ranch "Ganaderia 3 X", owned by the Abarca family, he arrived in San Jose one week prior to the first corrida, for purpose of selecting and training the horses for the rejoneo. After testing the bullfighting ability of several animals, practicing with calves, Dennis chose two horses, but because one of them was slightly injured, he ran the risk of performing on horseback on the three occasions with only one horse, a beautiful and graceful Andalusian specimen called "Clarin". Those corridas took place on December 23, 25 and 28. Dennis, as Carlos Arruza used to do years ago, after performing on horseback, dismounted and fought on foot with the muleta. He pleased the crowd with his good work fighting on horseback as well as with his dominant and artistic work done with the muleta. Later, on December 30, the Californian appeared wearing his suit of lights in a regular corrida, performing along with Michel Lagravere and Carlos Rondero. It is worth noting that the corridas were televised live in Costa Rica and in Panama. This was a plus for the fiesta brava, since in those countries bullfighting is not an integral part of their cultures.

Because of their successes in those fights Borba and Lagravere are scheduled to fight again in Zapote in December 2001. From Costa Rica, Dennis went to Mexico to fight a corrida as a matador at The Feria of Valladolid, Yucatan. He shared the cartel with Lagravere and Mexicans Carlos Rondero and Paco Rocha, confronting bulls of "The Mission" ranch. Dennis completed a magnificent faena with a noble bull, but failed to obtain the maximum trophies, which he deserved, because he did not finish the bull on his first thrust with the sword. On the other hand, the Frenchman cut two ears and Rondero one.

Bullfighting cartel in Peru
Dennis Borba and Spanish, French bullfighters
Cartel for Ticapampa, Peru.
Right: Jose Carlos Lima, Spain.(Upper left), Dennis Borba, U.S.A. (Upper right), Morenito Nimes, France. (Lower left) Michael La Grave, France. (Lower right)
Dennis and Michael lagraviere
Dennis Borba at Costa Rica Bullfights
Dennis Borba and colleagues, Michael Lagrave, Carlos Rondero and ganadero Heriberto Abarca walk triumphantly around the plaza after the corrida. Feria de Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica
Following in the footsteps of the great Carlos Arruza, after fighting on horseback, Matador Borba dismounted and fought a great faena. Shown here doing a 'Manoletina". Feria de Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica
Dennis Borba alternando con Adolfo de los Reyes
TV Interview with Dennis Borba
Alternating with Spanish matador Adolfo de los Reyes. Bambamarca, July 1999
Interviewed by national TV