Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
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Owing to his experience of rodeo, livestock and bullfighting, Dennis Borba has worked on the sets of several motion pictures and television commercials as stuntman, double and consultant. His work in this field includes being Kiefer Sutherland's principal double in 'Cowboy Up', and for Olivier Martinez in 'Bullfighter'.

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Cowboy Klefer Sutherland, rodeo clown stunt
Borba as principal stunt Cowbuy Up
Cowboy Up, released in 2002, starred Kiefer Sutherland as a rodeo clown. Dennis Borba was Sutherland's principal stunt double in the movie.
Dennis Borba Bullfighter movie
Dennis Borba movies
Dennis Borba and actor Willem Dafoe on set, The Bullfighter
Relaxing at the hotel after a hard day's shooting.
Dennis Borba Bullfighter movie
Borba family in bullfighter movie
The 1998 movie The Bullfighter, starred the French actor Olivier Martinez as an aspiring matador. Dennis Borba's experience as a real life matador, and knowledge of livestock proved invaluble in the making of this picture. Left: Actress Mira Sorvino, actor Olivier Martinez and Dennis Borba during filming of The Bullfighter, Del Rio, Texas. Right: Olivier Martinez, Dennis Borba and Luciana Borba with Dennis Borba Junior

Dennis Borba and Claudia Schiffer
Claudia schiffer and the Matador, working together at a San Francisco fashion show


White Stripes band on MTV

Matador Dennis Borba was again on the set working as a consultant, stunt cordinator, Jack Whites stunt double, and also a animal trainer with his fighting bulls and his black Lusitano stallion Paiol, that Jack White rides in on him in the beginning of the video! (a special thanks to the producer Oulaid Mouaness and his crew and also to the Lefews!

Best Cinematography by MTV Movie Awards 2008 went to The White Stripes video for Conquest.

Dennis Borba and Rock band White Stripes Dennis Borba White Stripes music video
Dennis working with famous music video Director Diane Martel and Jack White
Dennis Borba and rock band White Stripes Dennis Borba and White Stripes
Dennis Borba with White Stripes music video  
Matador Dennis Borba on the set with Jack and Meg White


Stunt Coordinator for Jackass 2

Dennis Borba was once more on the movie set last month, coordinating stunts that involved bulls crashing through windows and into swimming pools.The sequel to the 2002 movie Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera.Released in September, 2006.

Borba as Stunt coordinator for Jackass 2

Top Gear USA on History Channel

Dennis Borba was featured on the first episode of Top Gear USA, in this episode they test some Lamborghinis in the ring.