Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Dennis Borba, ganadero


As part of a big advertising campaign to launch a new strain of tomato in Mexico, The Harris Morgan Seed Company chose Oro Viejo, the semental (principal breeding bull) owned by Dennis and Luciana Borba, as the star. The six year old is pure Saltillo and originally from the celebrated Mexican ganaderia of Pepe Garfias.

toro bravo bullfighting marketing


Oro Viejo Breeding bull
toro de lidia en ganaderia
Oro Viejo - #112 - Deceased
(Semen Available)
Californiano - #46
toro de lidia, bull, ganaderia
Borba Ganaderia, fighting bull

#32 - Sire to some of the cows

Inca - #66
(Semen Available)
All fighting bulls are pure Saltillo breed, imported from Mexico