Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Dennis Borba ganadero

Cronica October 2006

As part of the last three day weekend course of 2006, students and guests attended the tienta on Saturday, where vaquillas were first tested by matador Borba, before being passed over to students. It is always an excellent opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of toreo by giving passes to different types of animal, whilst benefitting from the comments and expertise of Dennis Borba. At least three of the heifers were exceptionally good, charging time after time, good on both the right and left sides.

Also present was a film crew, making a documentary for television about bullfighting in the United States. The documentary will show footage of Dennis Borba, the only active US matador, instructing his students in the ring.

After the young cattle had been tested and the students had all had a chance to put into practice what they had learned from the classes, matador Borba gave passes, with both capote and muleta, to a three and a half year old novillo. The enourmous difference in size between this animal and the previous ones was very obvious to all present, and made an impressive end to a long and enjoyable event.

Thank you Dennis and Luciana Borba for the welcoming atmosphere that is always a big part of the courses.

Pictures of this workshop