Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Matador de toros, ganadero, rejoneador

Cronica July Workshop

The fourth tienta of the Dennis Borba bullfighting school corresponding to the summer of 2008.

With great mentorship from matador Dennis Borba, nine cows from his ranch were fought and gave good play in this hot day of July. Six were the participants in this event, and we all enjoyed of this very "taurino" day. With the support of matador Borba, David Moss, Ludi, Fred, Ian, Kate and myself were able to express our own version of the art of bullfighting.
David Moss has had a very "torero" attitude; there is always high expectation for his fine "toreo" every time he goes out in the ring. Ludi has been on target today; he seemed very comfortable with passes from his right hand, congratulations. The story of Fred is also an astonishing one; in a short time and with guidance from matador Borba, Fred has started to feel comfortable in the ring, his "quites" by "navarras" are very "torero". Ian was also very "torero"; he can transmit his calmness while in the ring and had very artistic passes with the "muleta". Kate was here with an eagerness to get in the ring; she did some long and "templados" "derechazos", great for her.

Lastly, for myself, it has been a great day; I had the chance to do some "brega" to several cows, something that had always intrigued me and had wanted to do. Brega involves being close to the animal's face, this helps improve confidence and knowledge of terrains, something essential in bullfighting. Similar to my other friends, matador Borba gave me the chance to stop two cows right after they step into the ring, an beautiful experience.

In general, all the participants demonstrated progress in their bullfighting skills, the school has been of great benefit, and we all hope more students get a chance to attend a feel the "fiesta brava", thus helping bullfighting to grow in California. The next workshop will be in September, see you there.

Paco Iniga.