Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
dennis borba torero

California Bullfights

It was Frank. V. Borba, Matador Dennis Borba's father, who pioneered bloodless bullfights in California, and who founded the first ranch for fighting bulls in the U.S.A. He passed away on November 9th, 2001. By promoting bloodless bullfight shows and raising fighting bulls, Dennis Borba continues the tradition started by his father. As well as putting on bloodless bullfights all over California, he has also organised events in Taunton, MA, Arkansas City, KA, and even in Calgary, Canada.

Dennis Borba devised a system to keep the authentic look of a traditional bullfight, while ensuring the animals are unharmed. First used at a bullfight in Escalon in August, 1980, this system consists of a velcro patch that is painlessly attatched to the bull's back. It is to this patch that the banderias stick, causing the animal no discomfort. Because of this system, and the fact that the bulls are not killed, bloodless bullfight shows are excellent family entertainment. For more than twenty years, Americans have enjoyed the colorful spectacle of brave men and women facing toros bravos with only a cape. Also popular, are the forcados, (bull grabbers) a group of men who wrestle the bull to a standstill with just their bare hands and bodies. Dennis and Luciana Borba are the founders of the World Bullfight, the first event was held on August 24th, 1999. at Stevinson, CA. This was a great success, and even made the history books of bullfighting as the only time matadors representing six countries, fought in the same event. The countries being, U.S.A., Spain, Mexico, France, South America and Portugal.

Dennis Borba's bloodless bullfights can be performed in your town or city, here in the U.S.A. If you are interested, and wish to know more about these events, please contact me. I can also provide a video of myself and my bloodless bullfight shows.

Dennis Borba at bullfight in Tracy
Oscar San Roman, Michele La Gravere and Dennis Borba
Dennis Borba at a bloodless bullfight, Tracy, CA.
Left to right: Oscar San Roman (Mexico), Michele La Gravere (France), Dennis Borba
Adolfo de los reyes, fighting a bull from Borba Ranch
Matador Borba at a bullfight in Tracy California
Spanish matador Adolfo De Los Reyes giving a derechazo to bull #46 'Californiano', now used as a seed bull at the Borba family ganaderia
Dennis Borba giving a beautiful naturale to one of the best bulls ever fought at a bloodless bullfight. Tracy, California
pase de pecho from Dennis Borba at California
Desplante at bullfight corrida in Gustine california
Pase de pecho. Campo Bravo Plaza, Escalon, California.
Desplante at corrida in Gustine, California