Dennis C. Borba
"teaching the art of bullfighting"
Borba matador

The Maestro

Born in the California Central Valley, Dennis Borba grew up around fighting bulls. His father was one of the first of the Portuguese community to raise the animals fought in the bloodless bullfights. Aquiring knowledge of the toro bravo so early in life was a valuble asset when he left home for Mexico City to begin his life as a torero in the late seventies. After being a novillero for 8 years, he took his alternativa, becoming a full matador de toros, on March 27th, 1986. Since then, he has fought bulls on foot and on horseback in Mexico, Peru, Spain and Portugal.

Dennis Borba de luces
Dennis Borba in California


Plaza Monumental of Mazatlan, Mexico. March 27, 1986

Jesus Jimenez, Manolo Arruza and Dennis Borba
Dennis Borba veronica in Lima
Left to right: Jesus Jimenez (Testigo), Dennis Borba, Manolo Arruza (Padrino).
Dennis Borba giving a Veronica to the bull 'Azoriano' of Santa Rosa de Lima.

Dennis Borba in bullfight
Estocada. 'Azoriano' proves difficult, (note the position of the head at the Moment of Truth), losing Dennis Borba an ear.

Corridas & Novilladas

Below are some of the most important corridas and novilladas where matador Borba has participated in: